Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Monday, April 23, 2012

Random stuff......

So I took a pic of the puppy, plugged in the cord and realized I had 25 pics that I hadn't downloaded.
Oh well, shit happens, right Pav?

So this is kind of a compilation of the last week.

Pizza I made last Thursday. My side is the cheese side, Bunny get's the other!

Looked better before I baked it!
Cheese ran downhill!
Still, it was pretty good. Better than decent!

 Then I decided to make tomato sauce with the rest of last summer's tomatoes that we froze.
We froze them in bags with the thingy that sucks the air out. The name eludes me at this moment, but you get it. right?
(Uhh, the machine that realllly sucks the air out of ya!)
Kinda looks like bacon.

And with that sauce, and some other stuff, I made some damn good lasagna.
 I'd give all the details, but then what's left of the Secret Service would come and bust me.

And the obligatory Puppy Pic!

Took this from inside the Kitchen. She's sitting on our patio table!

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  1. Tis true Tupper! tis true... Love the pie.... cried a little bit with the last of the tomatoes, then laughed at puppy perched on the precipice....this damned blog has it all!