Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

She said, "Seriously Pizza Again?".......

Well kind of.
You see, we haven't had pizza in the Tupper household since Friday. 
And it's Tuesday, so WTF?

Actually, she nodded and smiled:
A- Because she beat me in the March Madness Basketball Pool at work, and,
B-She won the whole goddamn pool!

So I figured I could make pizza and get away with it. 
I did!

While she went and loaded up on makeup at Kinney's, I went to the grocery store and bought pizza stuff.

Yes, I bought Cheese curds while she bought mascara!

That said, here's the 2 pies I made.

 Here's the Better Half spreading sauce.
Not any sauce, but Diana's secret sauce!

There it is, sliced onions, chopped garlic, secret sauce, and shredded Mozz.

And then I decided to make a pie with River Rat Cheese Curds.
Actually I decided to do this a few months ago, but never got around to it.
Well, tonight I did.

 Cheese curds used to be dirt cheap, like giveaway, now they're friggin' gourmet food. 
I spent a 5 spot on that pack.

So I spread the dough, and placed the curds.

Melted great. I put more sauce on this pie than I normally do simply because I wanted to use it all up, so the curds kind of floated. 
But man, it was good.
These cheese curds are salty, so if you don't like salty, probably not for you.
Would I do it again?
Hell yeah!


And! Tomorrow's lunch is done!


  1. So, did you like the secret sauce!? Those are some fine lookin' pies! Btw, June 9th or June 30th better for you for a Syracuse Pizza Party?

  2. Hey Diana,

    We did the secret sauce on a pizza too along with some grilled chicken and a little smoked moz. Yum!

  3. The secret sauce was friggin' awesome!!!!!! I'm thinking the 30th.

  4. Tup, I made myself a big batch of Diana's secret sauce and it will definitely be spread on a pie soon. In order for me to get good cheese curds, I have to take a trip out the Thruway to Palantine Cheese Shop in Nelliston, NY. ASAP, I'll be cloning that pie of your's. Gonna do a shrimp and pasta dish with some of that sauce.