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Friday, April 22, 2011

Hey Kids-It's National Grilled Cheese Month!

Therefore I feel compelled to post about the All-American, low-cost, versatile, and scrumptious sammie.

You know those nights, when you get home from work, and it's, "What are having tonight honey?" moments.

Quite often, I end up making grilled cheese on those nights, and rarely the same way twice.

The only constant I'd say is sourdough bread.
Other than that I'd say at least two different types of cheese, bacon, ham, turkey, tomato, onion, etc....
Basically whatever's available in the old fridge.

So the other night, here's what I concocted to honor this culinary mainstay.

Bacon baby.....

Cheese, I ended up not using the cheddar, ran out of room.
Well I could've used the cheddar......I just decided not too.

Grated parm and sliced onion.....

Next, the bacon....

American and tomato......


Top slice and cook away....


Yes, yes......

Eat well my friends!


  1. Those look delicious. I will definitely be trying these in the near future. I will include my homemade fries.

  2. Great with homemade fries and/or tomato soup!

  3. Amazing how a grilled cheese sandwich could look so good!! And love the Moose (although I really never spotted a moose in the Adirondacks yet) :(

  4. Hey Ellie-Took that pic when we were driving back from Utica on Saturday- that moose cracked me up. I've seen the real deal 3 times, their numbers are increasing in out area-pretty cool animal, big, very big!

  5. Just remember the truth in the statement, 'If it makes a good sandwich, it'll make a great pizza!'

    Ain't long now, amigo.

  6. Doc-Truer words have never been spoken!