Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Made a sirloin tip roast yesterday in the slow-cooker. 
Forgot about it-left it on high.

Had it going during the SU-Seton Hall game, and when I put the thermometer after the game,it read 160 degrees. I wasn't happy. 

Wanted the middle pink and this was medium-well. What saved it was the juices and carrots/potatoes I had in there, it was still moist. So, it was pretty good, not great but good. Let's say a 6 out of 10.

Anyway, there was a good chunk left over, and I decided to make hot beef sandwiches with homemade fries tonight

The better half whipped up the gravy, and I put 4 slices into that and let it simmer while I cooked the fries.

It was awesome, I'd say a 9 out of 10.

Here's what it looked like on the plate.

And if I'd of had some cheese curds, I could have made some wicked poutine, which would have been overkill, but hey, it's all about comfort food this time of year.


  1. Hey, nothing wrong with med well beef in a slow cooker! You don't like pot roast? There's no such thing as rare pot roast.

    You did good, son - looks good enough to eat for breakfast!

    Hey, I hope you're going to watch the Ducks tonight in their attempt to bring a little humility to that SEC team. You'll have to admit that, out of respect for our friendship, I haven't done much bragging about our beloved Ducks this season - but that doesn't mean I haven't noticed their success. I just hope they don't embarrass all of us out here on the West Coast.

    Are you aware that the Ducks 'stole' their coach from your area? U of New Hampshire!!! I find that hard to believe! Am I alone in disbelief that a coach can go from New Hampshire and immediately build a national champion contender elsewhere? How good was UNH when he was there?

    Whatever! Wish us luck, and watch with us.

  2. DOc-I'll be pulling for the Ducks- I don't care for any of the teams from the South- As far as the beef goes, I wanted a little pink in the middle, but like I said it was still pretty good. And man the sandwiches were great- I wish I had one in front of me right now. Not sure about the coach- Don't hear much, if anything about UNH here, even though it's only a couple hours away. Go Ducks-QUACK!