Tupper Lake, November 6, 2012 by Jeff Boucher

Monday, June 18, 2012

Time to........

Shut 'er down for the summer!

Yes, faithful readers (well both of you), it's that time.
Let's call it siesta.

Blogging is my hobby and as such I am the Boss, the CEO, and knucklehead who dictates when posts occur on this delightful speck of the internet.

I take summers off from posting, well, because I can. And seriously, will you miss me? Ha!

I've got 2 months off and it's summer in the Adirondacks and on the St.Lawrence River where I live and play.

The better half has a 2-DO list a couple of feet long and along with the fact that I like writing more in the winter dictate I shut 'er down.

That said, it's been another great year. Met some way cool people, made some very good pizza, and learned a few tricks along the way.

Before I go, here's a couple of shout-outs.

1- My buddy Dr. Fugawe.  He's a constant source of knowledge and inspiration, and as soon as I get plane fare I'm going to the left coast and visit.

2-My other buddy Pavlov, sick bastard that he is. He's funny and knows a lot of shit.

3- DM Cavanaugh from Albany (sort of) another guy that's not afraid to tell me I'm full of shit, and how to cook pizza properly!

4-Finally to my Watercooler friends, and there's a lot, what a freaking blast it is reading, responding and generally just shooting the shit.  

Seriously, there's Katie in Italy, and Donna in Colorado, and Di in Syracuse (or Liverpool or Cicero, somewhere around there.)

Oh yeah, some guy named Adam, down in the Big Apple.
Wild, simply wild, keeps me sane, well a bit.

So here we go, summer will go by at lightspeed

Finally some pics that pretty much sums it all up for this year.

Some guy from NYC doing what he does best!

Pizza @ Kate's Vol. 2.

 From the Pizza Sessions.

Ms. Pac Man.

 And we had pizza night and Jack and Annmarie's, time to play, and Jack's homemade IPA!
(That's Ted, not Jack!)

Where it all starts.

Hey Kids, enjoy the summer, see you in the fall!


  1. Nice post my friend, enjoy the time away..awaiting the return :D

  2. You deserve a vacation and there's no better place on God's green earth to spend it then in the Adirondack's and on the St. Lawrence. I will talk to you at @dhorst's about getting together this summer. I have the last week of July and the weeks before and after Labor Day off, hope to spend as much of the time as I can on the river. Let's plan on some fishing, beer drinking, pizza and fish n chip eating. I'm drooling already !

  3. If Caesar were alive he would have you chained to an oar! Back to work ya bastage! LOL Thanks for the shout out Tup. Have a super summer...something tells me we will be in touch!

  4. Yo amigo, you know you're welcome anytime you get the urge (and the fare), but trust me, you only want to come between July 1 and Oct 31. But that's your good time too!

    Hey, have a fantastic summer - but develop a taste for those 'salad pizzas' - hey, they're good!

  5. Enjoy your summer, dude! Looking forward to making pizza with ya here in the 'Cuse on Saturday!

  6. OK amigo - sadly, summer's over and it's time to get back into the grind - but cooking, baking, and the blog should give you some relief - Yeah, it's time!

  7. I agree, let's get this puppy up and running again. I have a good story for you TC, it's about cheese and a little place in Heuvelton, NY and I'd love for you to do a story about them. I have made some friends in a little place called Picken's General Store in Heuvelton and I think they would greatly appreciate the exposure you could give them. Hell, you're really not that far away from them, you'd get a big kick out of the place yourself. I will tell you this, they sell the best cheese curds in upstate NY and they sell a few items that a lot of people would fall in love with if they could get them and knew they were there. Let me know if you're interested.

  8. OK Boys, I'm almost there-just have to retrieve the camera from camp, so it'll be a week or two, and yeah, I'd like to take a ride to Picken's,sounds like my kind of place!