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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Steak & Bacon Calzone.....

Syracuse was hosting West Virginia last night at the Dome, so  had to make some gametime food.

The wife vetoed pizza, because I made it the night before, so I said, "Self, make a calzone, she'll like that!"

I had a piece of leftover sirloin from a couple of nights before which I sliced up into little bitty pieces.
I cooked down a package of our frozen homegrown tomatoes to which I added basil, salt , pepper and garlic.
The dough I made from a recipe right out of the KitchenAid cookbook, quick, easy and tasty.
Oh yeah, I cooked up some bacon just figuring it was a good idea, and it was.

So here's what it looked like, it did suffer a minor blowout.
(At some point I'll remember to roll the dough instead of spreading by hand to avoid the thin spots.)

The filling, I also put shredded mozz on this along with parm below the filling.

You can see my lame attempt to patch the inevitable leak.

And, well, I need to roll my dough, I know, I know.....

Ya know what, it tasted great, and the better half liked it.

A little marinara on the side and go watch Syracuse kick West Virginia's ass, which they did 49-23.
I love happy endings!

Stay hungry my friends!

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