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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Burger Rolls....

As the weather gets cooler and, well let's be honest, crappier here in Northern New York, I find myself drawn to the kitchen to bake.

Last night I made some burger rolls since we were having burgers.
Makes sense, right?

I found the roll recipe at "a sweet pea chef" one of the many quality food blogs out there.
The recipe is for Hoagie Rolls, which I'm going to replicate, but since burgers were on the menu, burger rolls we made!

Here's the link for the Hoagie Roll Recipe.

I make a lot of yeast bread, and what I liked about this recipe was that it was easy for a work night.
The mixing/kneading was done in the KitchenAid.

We came out with 8 burger rolls, that were dense, tasty and perfect for any burger and toppings you would add.
A good solid yeast roll.

Here's some pics.
I brushed some butter on top while they were cooling.
I like butter.
Split and ready.

Sharp cheddar on the burger, served with homemade sweet potato fries.

And there's the puppy, sleeping right next to the stove, all played out.

Stay Hungry My Friends!


  1. In the slow steady evolution of my 'bun' making skill, I recently made one large leap of success - and that was when I realized that I liked the texture of buns made with eggs much more than those that had none - if you add two beaten eggs to that recipe, (and cut 1/4 cup of water to balance the hydration - eggs have lots of water!) the buns will be silkier, softer, and hold up better in the freezer. And leave them on the KA for at least 8 minutes, to develop the gluten even more - that will make them chewier and even silkier.

    Try it, my friend, you won't be sorry.

    BTW, How much of that excess weight have you lost this summer? Remember to treat your heart like your best friend.

  2. Thanks for the tip Doc- I'm making them again tonight, so I'm addin' eggs!

    Lost about 20 lbs. this summer, and so far so good!

  3. Thanks for the recipe link! I'm really glad you enjoyed the rolls :)

  4. Lacey-Rolls were great! Making another batch right now!

  5. Hey Tup,
    Many sincere congrats - 20 lbs ain't chump change, I know from brutal experience - and doing it in summer makes it even more of a success. I'm proud of you, amigo.

    Stay hungry my friend (especially if it means you lose another pound!).